Pre-Construction Services

In custom home building, planning the project can be more challenging than actually building it.  There’s a chicken or egg sequence that plays out in which you often need a plan to get pricing but you need to work with someone to develop the plan.  Developing the plan and a reliable budget requires some expense in paying for a professionals time but, naturally, you don’t want to put a great deal of money into a project until you know whether it’s feasible or not.  So where do you start? If you already have your land and have engaged an architect or purchased your dream set of plans, congratulations!  You’re well ahead of the game and have a relatively short road ahead of you in getting started.  If you’re not in that bracket, continue reading for a description of how we can help get you there.

There are a multitude of variables that need to be studied and evaluated to develop a dependable budget.  Notice I said dependable.  The free advice you get on the front end of a custom home project invariably costs you in the end.   There are countless components that require a trained professional to effectively itemize and budget for.   Our Pre-Construction Service offering allows us to effectively dedicate the time necessary to study the feasibility of your project relative to timeline and desired budget.  The scope of services provided is different for each project but below are items we commonly engage during Pre-Construction Services:

Soil Study completed to develop Septic Permit
Wells drilled to confirm attainability of sufficient water for customers desired usage
Plans developed to a point that general budgets can be developed
Health Department permits completed
Building Permit submission (transferable if you decide to go with other builder)
Construction Entrances in place
Selections & Interior Design services to develop reliable interior finish budget.

At the conclusion of Pre-Construction Services, you’re ready to break ground and begin actual construction of your new home as opposed to deciding on a builder after months of bidding only to be faced with waiting another 6 to 8 weeks before you see actual activity on your lot.  If at the conclusion of this scope you’re enjoying the process with our company, great!  We’ll proceed with the next sequence in the construction cycle.  If not, you’re free to take the work completed to that point and proceed as makes best sense for you and the project. If this service sounds of interest, contact us for a quick consultation on where you stand with your upcoming project.  We can usually determine within a short conversation what steps are needed to get you where you want to be.