How We Build

Plan Development

Great projects start with a great plan. If you already have a plan, great!  If you don’t, we’ll assemble the team that brings it all together. Each customer presents with a very unique basket of needs and we’re adept at helping them find the best fit for their project. It can seem overwhelming as you sort through all the options available in today’s market but we can help you make sense of it all!


Build It On Paper First!  Budget development is a collaborative process.  We’ve developed a very open and transparent means of working with our customers to build a budget that allocates appropriate resources for the project and ensures that surprises resulting from overruns are minimized.  If cost control is important to you, it’s well worth your time to come and review our process.

Selections & Interior Design 

Effective support and guidance with respect to finish coordination is a key ingredient to ensuring a smooth customer experience in custom home building.   It’s for this reason we’ve coordinated a talented team of interior designers that work with our clients in mapping the fixtures and finishes for their projects.  They work closely with you to pick all finishes and selections for the home and they’re available to accompany you to outside showrooms as needed.  Once you’ve completed the selections process, an accurate budget can be developed for the project.  Our clients routinely confirm that this service is invaluable and largely what sets us apart from our competition.

Daily Project Oversight   

At Jamison Davis & Co., your project receives a dedicated Site Supervisor (see our bios) that reports to the jobsite daily to manage the construction of your home.  Each is in his own right a Master Carpenter and is finely in tune with the quality expectations of our clients.  We feel strongly that it’s this commitment to high level daily supervision that sets us apart from most other builders in today’s market.

In House Carpenters   

A significant degree of quality control is lost when builders over-rely on subcontracted labor for the completion of their homes. It’s for this reason we employee a team of highly skilled carpenters and self-perform a large percentage of our work.  This allows greater control of both scheduling and quality control and ultimately leads to a superior finished product.


Clear and concise communication is paramount in facilitating an enjoyable construction process. Weekly meetings are scheduled in one of three ways; onsite, in our office or by web/tele conferencing. These meetings provide an effective environment to pose and answer questions and update schedule and budget expectations. Following these meetings, detailed minutes are provided and clients are asked to review. A Project Binder containing all communications, client selections, and specifications for the project will be maintained either electronically or in hard copy at our office depending on the clients’ preference.