What separates us from the pack?

If you were to line us up against 10 of our competitors, most will share one of the following and several may share two but we believe that none offer all three of the following services and this is what makes us unique to the customer that’s looking for a high level of supervision and finish.  These positions are filled by employees that we consider to be a part of our extended family and all share our core values, mission and vision.

Selections & Interior Design:

Our selections coordinator works with you in mapping the finishes for your project. She accompanies you to our vendors’ showrooms to assist with decisions while keeping an eye on the budget we’ve set for your project. Having a representative of our company that’s trained in interior design coordinate the finish program while working to the budgets we’ve collectively developed is what takes much of the stress out of building a custom home. Our customers routinely confirm that this is a large part of what sets us apart from our competition.

Dedicated Site Supervision:

At Jamison Davis & Co, your project receives a dedicated Site Supervisor that reports to the jobsite daily to manage the construction of your home.  Each is in his own right a Master Carpenter and is finely in tune with the quality expectations of our clients.  We feel strongly that it’s this commitment to high level daily supervision that sets us apart from many of our competitors.

In House Finish Carpentry:  

A significant degree of quality control is lost when builders over-rely on subcontracted labor for the completion of their homes. It’s for this reason we employee a team of highly skilled carpenters and self-perform a large percentage of our work.  This allows greater control of both scheduling and quality control and ultimately leads to a superior finished product.